Monday, August 29, 2011

Midday Market Update

With the UK having a bank holiday today, the carbon market is very quiet, in terms of the volume traded on the exchanges and volatility of the price - both are very low.

Last Friday's speech by Mr Bernanke, who didnt say "no" to more monetary stimulus by the central bank (when he could have said "No!") left the door open for some action in case another recession looms on the horizon. The echo on the market was that Bernanke was confident about the economy, which could have inspired certain traders to start buying again - at least the main indices ended up on a positive note.

Back to carbon market. Friday late afternoon rise in prices could be attributed to the rise in power price, when it leaped from below 57.50 to 58.00 EUR and continued to rise today above 58.30 EUR.

Technically we could see a bottom and a new support forming now around 13.10 EUR on EUA Dec11, however in the thin market like today, where not even 1m units have traded so far, this can be misleading.

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