Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stocks to watch

Stocks to watch

Among many others, we have found 3 stocks (banking sector) which are worth to watch in the coming few days.

Barclays PLC.

Finding a support from the trend line, level of 190 can be interesting to watch. Shall the share break it you may want to go long - please keep in mind 190 can be tested more than once and price can bounce in between 190 and the trend until it finally breaks up or down. Looking at fundamentals, in a P/E (current market price / net earnings per share) Barclays is cheaper than its peers. This can make it more attractive in investors’ eyes. In addition, being a British bank it is not threatened to be downgraded like other EU banks.

Citigroup Inc.

Similar to Barclays - with this difference that Citi was trading already below the trend line finding support just below 25.00. 27.00 is the level to watch (20-days moving average being here). 67% of analysts covering the stock have a buy recommendation on it with a 1 year target price of USD 40.73.

Morgan Stanley

Supported @ 12.25 and further @ 13.00 can lead to further appreciation. Level to watch for breakout is just above 14.00. Morgan Stanley confessed that they are in talks with possible buyers about selling part of its commodities business. Money in is always good news.

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