About Vertis

Vertis is a top environmental commodities broker, specialising in emissions, second generation biofuels and energy certificates.  Our business is about developing a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses to be able to fulfil their needs and solve their problems with the tools and products we have.

Our commitment to you

When you deal with Vertis you get our commitment to care, clarity and excellence.  We make the effort to really understand our clients and make sure you get the deals you need.  We deal transparently and we’ll speak your language clearly and frankly – we don’t use jargon to sound clever.  And we do our upmost to provide excellent products and excellent service.

The facts

§  Over 300 clients in the utility and heavy industry sectors across Europe
§  Brokerage and trading carbon instruments, biomethanol and energy certificates
§  Founded in 1998, specialised on emissions trading since 2001
§  Active in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and in the markets created by the Kyoto Protocol for over ten years
§  Named Best Broker in the carbon market by Thomson Reuters Point Carbon in 2011
§  Member on 4 carbon exchanges: ICE, BlueNext, GreenX and Climex
§  Projects business line is exclusive advisor on 5 large N2O abatement projects
§  Privately owned, financially strong, turnover of 1bn EUR average in the last 4 years

Based in Budapest, Hungary with 20 staff speaking Catalan, Czech, Dutch, German, English, Flemish, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak and Spanish.

What we do

We buy and sell emissions trading instruments on our own account for our clients, and arrange structured emission trading transactions.  We also broker second generation biofuels and energy certificates.

We work and trade with over 300 clients in Europe, international banks, financial institutions, funds and large traders.

We trade on all the main carbon exchanges, including ICE, BlueNext, and GreenX.

Our clients and counterparties include:
  • Industrial companies which are part of the EU Emission Trading Scheme
  • CDM and JI project owners which trade CERs and ERUs from projects
  • Trading houses and banks with emissions trading desks
  • Governments that buy and sell emissions instruments

Most of our clients are based in the European Union but we do business globally.

The products we broker include spot and forward trades of EU Allowances, CERs and ERUs; swaps between vintages and different instruments; repos and forward transactions with advance funding for raising working capital.

Why Vertis?

§  Experienced: We are very experienced, having traded over 250 million EUAs and over 20 million CERs and ERUs – we have been in the emissions business since 2001
§  Trusted: Every week we handle millions of Euros of clients’ money
§  Frank: We tell you how it is; we don’t try and make it look more complicated than it is
§  Fast: We decide, contract and transact quickly - you get your cash and units same day
§  Close: Our people are local and speak your language – we don’t need to fly in from London and you don’t need to speak English
§  Short and long term: We do transactions that take seconds, yet we also do project development work that takes many years to materialise
§  Innovative yet careful: We come up with new ways of solving problems, cutting risks and making money for you.